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Social TV and Video Adv

  • At IAB Lounge Andrew Frank explained how new Social TVs technologies impact on video advertising

Andrew Frank, Research VP at Gartner NY, gave a speech about how “New Television Delivers More Power to Advertising” during the second IAB Lounge held in Milan on 3rd May 2012.

In Italy 71% population use a tablet, according to Nielsen data published in April 2012. Analyzing the behavior of these users, it can be seen tables are more used during the evening hours, when people watch television and at the same time stay connected online. Heavily, social media users share what they are watching with friends online and consequently socialize this way.

It’s not just a question of digital devices, but also of technologies driving changes in TV. The first kind of Social TV apps use automatic content recognition that allow users to get more information about programs they are watching and share them (e.g. Shazam); then there is social identity storage in an interactive television platform so each person could use a personalized service. Maybe the most interesting ones are TV incentive apps that push down offers with a check-into favorite TV shows (e.g. Viggle) and transmedia design tools that create content flowing from platform to platform.

Social TV is having a strong impact on mass reach TV advertising, because in this way publishers and advertisers could drive content from Social TV to network TV apps, Service Provider apps and mobile/tablet apps. In this evolving scenario, TV advertising is also benefiting on some more aspects, before own only by digital advertising: search advertising efficiency, for intent targeting, ecommerce direct interaction and accountability, and social media engagement, for viral effects of sharing, social insights and loyalty/advocacy users could express in social networks. In fact, running rich-media ads in apps or sites that synchronize in real time with TV spots could combine emotion of TV with the immediacy of digital media.

So, it can be said Social TV has makes television a richer two-way experience with fan participation, amplifying conversation and impacts ratings. On the other hand, Social TV promotions are complex, also from the software development point of view. Moreover, to make Social TV flourishing, it is required a better marketing operations bridge for common frameworks and language to connect strongly the social component on digital devices and television.

That’s why Andrew Frank foresee a turning point in about 5 years, if met what he considers as top needs: multidisciplinary teams, second screen guidelines and standards, conveyed metrics and analytics, drafting problems addressed by advertisers and TV providers solved (common platform for program engagement and for ACR in mobile open-OS), repository of experimental design results and, finally, retailer involvement.

E-Business Consulting as IAB Italy affiliated, took part to this event, to deepen its view in this field thanks to the experience of an international speaker of the level of Andrew Frank. E-Business Consulting offer its consultancy to monetize Social TV using second screen networks to bridge the gap between people watching TV and tablet/mobile users. In fact, seeing more and more audience is divided between watching TV and using other devices, it will be fundamental in the next future to implement digital synchronized advertising on Social TV platform and bring TV advertising to the second screen.