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Social Network in Italy 2011

  • Last report published by Nielsen affirms Italy exceed USA in using social media

Published last report by Nielsen State of the Media: The Social Media Report that analyze the global scenario of social networks.

This report underline Italy is the country in the world with more social network users, about 86% of internet users in Italy. Brasil follows with 85% of internet users connected by social, while United States are positioned at the third place with 79% internet users.

Italians also are users dedicating more time to social activities on internet like blogs and social network. About a third of the time Italians spend online can be qualified as “social”, while in the United States is just a quarter.

Considering Italian scenario, it is observable how women using social media are increasing, even if men presence is still prevailing (46,7% women vs 53,3% men).  This could be linked to the presence of women and men on internet. Among the social network, women prefer Facebook, used in particular for leisure activities, while men prefer Linkedin, the first social network to be affirmed at global level.

Facebook, registering 750 million users in the world, in Italy has 21 million users, 70% of internet users in this country. Facebook is also the social network where people pass a quarter of their time spent online.

Maybe the most surprising element is that “social media addicted” are adults between 35 and 44 years old (24,9%). Follow users between 25-34 years old (19,4%) and 45-54 years old (19%), while youngsters are the last category with over 55 years old.

Is also interesting the increasing of social media connection via mobile (40% in Italy and US), related to the diffusion of smartphone. In Italy, for example, access via mobile is doubled since 2010. Social application are, in fact, the third category of download, after games and maps in Italy, games and meteo in the US. Moreover, Facebook users globally download more than 20 million application per day.

This year is increasing social network capacity to orientate consumers, thanks to their social component. In fact, Nielsen report states on Facebook 53% users are following a brand and 70% users buy online. Is this the first step for social commerce also in Italy?

Testing and development for the social networking sector are still evolving. In the social scenario, Nielsen register a big growth in the United States of Tumblr, a website that permits to realize multimedial blogs, which has tripled visits in the last year and today has about 12.000 users. In 2012 it will be interesting to follow the development of this site also in Italy.

From this analysis can be highlighted how social media are playing day by day a more important role on the behavior of internet users and are conditioning relationship between consumers and brands, becoming an essential channel for communication.

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