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  • The second edition of IAB Seminar took place on November 29th 2012, an event organized to take stock of the situation with insights and best practices about Social Media Marketing.

The second edition of  IAB Seminar  took place on November 29th 2012 at the headquarters of Il Sole 24 Ore. It was an event organized to take stock of the situation of  Social Media Marketing with insights and best practices.

As pointed out by Simona Zanette, President of IAB Italy, the meeting was aimed to create an opportunity of exchange of views and experiences between stakeholders, in order to better understand how and why social media marketing is strategically important in a modern communication campaign.

One of the elements highlighted by some of the most important  player of the main Italian TV and radio who were at the meeting, is the multitasking way  in which  people  use media. While watching TV or listening to the radio, users interact on social networks using PC, smartphone or tablet at the same time thus creating a direct involvement and a direct interaction between different media.

It clearly shows  how social media have already become a strategic tool of fundamental importance for companies not only to create a direct and interactive dialogue with consumers but also to be discovered by new users thanks to the virality and the aggregating capacity of the system. Last but not least the measurability of the collected data.

This context underlines also the importance of video as a tool of communication and of emotional involvement of the user. Mads Holmen, steering committee for the social media council IAB UK, showed that the video is visually less "invasive" than a banner and it also becomes part of the emotional experience of the user. The emotion is in fact the trigger of the success of a video: more excitement, more action. If this communicates, for example, happiness or provokes anger it receive more comments and will be more successful.

So the video  is a central element to give the user an engaging and emotional experience and it ensures that the same user, thanks to his personal desire to communicate using various social media, interacts with other users with the same video .

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