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SEO Evolution

  • The last algorithm Hummingbird Google highlights the importance for web users of language and the content more than that of the individual keyword.

The emergence of the algorithm of Google Hummingbird, or italian Colibrì, has revolutionized the approach to optimization SEO determines the need for review the priorities in the study of SEO strategies.

We must not pay attention only to the technical elements for structuring a correct setting SEO, (that still maintain their significance as the attention to content description, or the title of the pages just to name a few) but you must have a vision, also publishing more contemporary close to new language users increasingly accustomed to the web-based approach also thanks to the increase of the mobile navigation.

With the objective of returning results more relevant to the research of the users, Hummingbird imposes the need to revise the structure of the code and content for portals who want to be the answer to the questions from the web.

The optimization must know alongside the technical elements, such as for example provide url "talking" that contain terms congruent with the search word you want to intercept, also the study of content that will determine a positive fruition and experience for the user that allows him to find within the destination page information you are looking for.

Since the algorithm recognizes the entire query as a whole and not only the individual keyword that compose it, must be studied original content and relevant. From here the need to reflect the company if your portal is structured to respond to change not only from the point of view "structural code" but also from the content point of view. Any recording of the immediate abandonment of the page of the site must not be immediately reconnected to keyword research but it should be assessed in relation to the content that may have rejected the expectations.

From here, the need to rest from experts in the field that they know touch and move the levers right: the technical aspects and structural code to the textual content publishing

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