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ROI online advertising

  • In a socio economic contest in which e-Commerce websites keep recording an increasing number of selling, it becomes essential to combine a mix of online instruments that points to obtain an optimal ROI.

The e-Commerce is an increasingly widespread reality, as proved by it’s increase in 2012 (+ 19%).The primary goal of all these activities is to attract and raise the “qualified traffic” that can, in turn, increase the conversion rate.

How to do that? A mix of online strategies is the solution: Email Marketing, SEO and SEM activities, affiliation projects, Mobile and Social Media Marketing are the paths that have to be walked. To take advantage of these channels and maximize the results, all their feautures has to be known and a support by the sector’s professionals is necessary.

According to a study conducted by Econsultancy in collaboration with Adestra, 8 companies out of 10 evaluate SEO activities as ‘Excellent’ (31%) or ‘Good’ (48%) in terms of ROI. In the second place, Email Marketing Campaigns’ ROI index is considered ‘Excellent’ by the 23% and ‘Good’ by the 47% of the sample group. Just the 47% of the interviewed companies consider as ‘Excellent’, in terms of return on Investments, the results of Online Display Advertising activities.

If SEO and SEM activities are well structured, they represent an essential element for a functional communication plan, and the Social Media are seen as ‘the latest product’ from many sector’s companies. A point of interest is the increasingly repute of Email Marketing as an effective, more and more used, resource.

A pure ‘push strategy’ ,second only to SMS, the email is an important instrument that is able to attract users’ interest using only a captivating Subject.

To construct an Email Marketing Campaign of quality, an high level of attention and care of all the details are required: starting from a detailed target definition and identification, arriving to the used Database quality. Then the creative has to be studied and realized with attention, taking care of not underestimate the Message Subject’s importance for reaching good results (although with the coming of smartphones’ new technology, the Open Rates are tendentially underestimated). In addition, the planning options suit more and more the  market’s needs: the today trend is oriented to a CPL based model, with the goal to raise the ROI.

This is the natural answer to an economic crisis that induces marketers to invest in communication online to have a real comparison between their investment and the return reached. From here the need to trust to communication professionals that know  strength and weakness points of every channel, and are able to individuate which of them is the most functional one in every different situation.

E-Business Consulting is a society specialized on online advertising, that can count on a wide database with more than 20 mio, combining proprietary and partners’ Database, of users registered that let plan Email Marketing Campaigns in Italy and abroad.