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  • The re-marketing potential and its functions in the digital advertising world.

Who has not ever surfed a website and find themselves chased by banners related to previously visited pages? More or less, each of us must have had this experience. What we talk about is commonly defined as re-marketing, also know as re-targeting,  which is an online advertising form that intercepts users who have visited a website but has not completed a certain action yet: “chase them” means to encourage them to come back and finish the action we want.

This form of involvement helps to keep alive the memory of the brand even after users have left your website. Indeed, most people who look for services or products online rarely perform a conversion and / or a request during the first visit. Thanks to re-marketing advertisers can speak to all users that have visited one or more of their websites or to a particular group of interesting visitors and later to suggest them an upsell or cross sale. The acquisition cost of potential customers from re-marketing campaigns is by far the most affordable of the web.

The setup of a re-marketing campaigns goes through the use of cookies, small portions of text that the site keeps track in the browser used and that are used to store specific information about users. When the user surfs the net again the cookies allow the advertisers to recognize the user that visited their website, so that to suggest him some specific messages a in the proper advertising spaces belonging to other websites.

From a technical point of view, in order to create a re-marketing campaign is necessary to add a HTML code (pixel) in our website. The most popular platforms which use re-marketing are Google e Facebook.

In the last years these two giants of digital communication also developed a particular kind of re-marketing (dynamic re-marketing) that allows a better costumization of advertising messages addressed to users, managing even to suggest product previously visited. This type of strategy is especially used in eCommerce as it provides with ads based on actions which took place in the website and contain different information.

Re-marketing advertising is an extraordinary opportunity to optimize performance oriented digital campaigns. This kind of strategy works only after having received traffic to your own website and it gives results only as complementary technique in a broader integrated digital promotion.

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26/11/2020 E-Business Consulting