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  • Some keys for a successful campaign Programmatic

The programmatic continues to confirm its growing strategic importance so much so that , according to IAB Europe and IHS using the programmatic has suffered an increase of 180 % from 2013 to 2014 in Europe . We can understand , therefore, the increasingly important role played by this " new entry" of the digital world .

It is therefore the technological innovation the key that allows us to understand a scenario so effective and evolving. So before committing to this new technology it is important to take account of four aspects that help us understand what is meant by programmatic and with the concept of "check impression." These points can be exemplified in the question: my campaign could have been displayed from my audience of real users in suitable environments image and brand reputation?

The four aspects to be taken into considerations are: Invalid traffic detection, Viewability, audience reach, and brand safety.

One of the questions that the advertiser often arises regarding the invalid traffic is: "My campaign is viewed by a user in the flesh?" The problem of invalid traffic is a major source of investment waste at source such as paid advertising to non-human users that undermine any attempt at optimization and performance measurement: it is estimated that in recent years various analyzes were performed to estimate a percentage relative to these activities (for example in 2013 seconds Republic it was estimated that the network traffic generated by robots were equal to a 60% produced by automated programs to legitimate functions, such as search engines, or malicious intent such as data theft and cyber attacks, and in 2014 according to estimates Solve and MediaLink about 25 % of the total traffic of the United States and up to 45% in Europe was artificial); even if there is to be remembered that not all invalid traffic pursues fraudulent purposes.

As regards the Viewability it is known that increased visibility they get the most you have the ability to have more influence on consumers campaigns. In this context, the real challenge is knowing how to properly move between the various measuring instruments. If we take for example the invalid traffic, if that were not removed in advance from the calculation of Viewability get the distorted data. The audience reach is one of the high expectations of the programmatic, and similarly to Viewability, it is important to remove the invalid traffic as well as users not in line with our target before coming to conclusions on the effectiveness of the campaign. brand Speaking of safety, the atmosphere appropriate to convey our campaign vary according to the brand. The range of content unsuitable includes the usual suspects (such as pornography, violence and racial hatred) or questions a little less obvious but more important as advertising a cruise ship published alongside news stories of offshore accidents.

Keep in mind all these issues one by one is a step in the right direction, and the real challenge is to combine these "pillars" in a single analysis to deliver the "check impression"; or have a true measurement of impressions that have had a real opportunity to influence the audience. All these operations, so, despite their apparent simplicity, require technical expertise and market knowledge; for a company that wants to invest in programmatic it is therefore preferable to choose the support of an agency that is able to better manage all aspects that regulate this complex system.

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