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Programmatic Advertising

  • E-Business Consulting obtained a certification in programmatic Adform

The world of advertising online, thanks to the continuous technological progress, is a dynamic market in continuous evolution where the certainties built over time are often replaced by new opportunities and digital strategies. For this reason keep update you is a must if you want to offer a range of successful and competitive offerings.

In this context, the programmatic today represents a key strategic and key operating in the advertising market on the Internet. Programmatic means for an automated exchange between advertisers and publishers based primarily on the acquisition of data from cookies and pixels, ie monitoring systems that allow you to locate the target user/client by recording its type action. These data collected are then used to optimize online advertising tools and increase advertising performance.

There are different types of programmatic campaigns, the best known are the following:

• Contextual Keyword;

• Category Targeting;

• Similar Audience;

• Affinity Audience:

E-Business Consulting, digital agency in line with the market trends, active since 2003, has embraced the challenge of programmatic, in collaboration with Adform participating in the training program ad hoc, and getting the coveted certification.

Technology and resources with high expertise in hi-tech field and digital: these are the characteristics that allow for an advertising agency and actors present in the digital world to manage a campaign in Programmatic with high-level performance.

A group of specialists who, with the intent of increasing their skills, has passed the two tests required for the accreditation of certification, which included a first test questions about the advertising service and tracking and in a second test the detail to manage and optimize advertising campaigns in Programmatic. A clear demonstration that attests to the professionalism and innovation of services offered by E-Business Consulting, able to understand customers' requirements and transform them into operational strategies declined through the most advanced digital communication tools with a view to continuous improvement and experimentation of new opportunities.

E-Business Consulting, exploiting the great potential of Adform, is able to offer a complete package of consulting, strategy and monitoring for all those who want to profit from its presence in advertising online by taking a partner prepared.