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  • Double-digit growth, transparency and valuable data use: trends and challenges in the world of programmatic advertising in Italy.

On April 12th, the third edition of the Programmatic Day, which is the most important event dedicated to the world of programmatic on the Italian scene, took place in Milan.

Data from Digital Innovation Observatory (Politecnico di Milano) show increased investment in programmatic advertising in 2016, which resulted in a turnover of 315 million Euros and an increase of 35% compared to 2015.

The prospects for 2017 are also positive. Although the growth rate could suffer a "physiological" slowdown, it seems that investors’ confidence will not fail: the estimated growth is still in double digits, about +25% from last year, and the total turnover could reach 400 million Euros.

In Italy, digital advertising has seen a turnover of 2.36 billion euros, over 30% of the more than 7 billion Euros reached by the revenues from all media advertising in 2016. The 57% of revenue from digital advertising is associated with the display, made up for the 23% from the programmatic advertising whose weight on the market amounted to 1.35 billion. The 30% is up to the video, an advertising format which could become the main component in 2017.

In addition to the growth numbers, it is important to stress that the passage of the programmatic advertising to a more mature stage is due to systematic use of data, the emergence of qualitative models and the demand for greater transparency in the programmatic advertising world. Its growth is so valuable that also the most traditional media are showing their interest in the opportunities offered by digital and programmatic advertising.

"Data is the new oil": the use of big data and smart data provides essential information throughout the entire process, not just in the terms of the target audience and final evaluation, but also in planning. At availability of data necessarily go alongside the right skills for a correct interpretation and application of qualitative measures, to get the chance to track properly the customer journey across all touchpoints, both online and offline.

In this complex landscape and constantly evolving, if companies are willing to convey an effective advertising for brands and significant for omnichannel consumers, at the right time and in the right digital contexts and consistent with its objectives, they ought to set up a focused data- driven strategy.

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