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  • The market value of the programmatic advertising

IAB Europe, in collaboration with IHS Techology has published research on the volumes in the market of the programmatic advertising in Europe

For Programmatic adv is meant the use of software to purchase advertising space on digital, in place of the traditional process that involves insiders, negotiations, the manual insertion orders, etc.

Iab Europe, recognizing the ever-increasing importance of this sector in the world of digital, has identified as a priority the need to offer information on this issue, by providing a research time to the measurement of this segment in Europe.

The volume of business that revolves around this market during the course of 2013 and rocketed to more than 2 billion as against the 980 million in 2012, and remained a +111 %

The search is based on measurement of advertising investments provided by IAB, transactional data, statistical models and econometric to define the size of the European market, which are added to the information provided by experts in the field. This research is intended to supplement the IAB Europe AdEx Benchmark report, at the time the reference more trusted on the situation of the European market for online advertising.

The analysis of programmatic advertising will be updated continuously thanks to collaborations with all European countries where IAB is present.

Display, video and mobile are included in the search whereas the final objective is to submit an inquiry that drowns in its inside all the instruments that were part of the digital ecosystem.

The study shows that the share of advertising revenues display formats managed through the programmatic adv is equal to 21,3 % with a prevalence of the countries of western Europe (23,6%). The forecast for the future remain optimistic especially for programmatic video, which are expected to grow at a steady pace.

The purpose of the entire project is to provide the operators of the sector (publishers, agencies and advertisers) an instrument to understand the scenario of the programmatic and the impact that is gaining on digital advertising.

E-Business Consulting is able to provide comprehensive support to companies who want to approach at the programmatic adv, providing full support in all phases of the campaign, from the preliminary study of the audience, planning to delivery of the final reports.