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Programmatic Adv: Seminar Engage

  • Strong presence of the public sector in the Programmatic Day exponential growth in 2015 and the new advertising market leverage in 2016

It took place on April 21 at the IULM in Milan on Engage seminar dedicated to the theme of Programmatic, a sector that until 2015 has seen an investment of € 234 million, about 19% of the total display advertising in Italy. Future predictions are for strong growth for the year 2016 with values ​​that fluctuate between +30 and +40%.

In 2015 the market has taken off and has gone to meet an increasingly conscious development: three turn out to be, in fact, of the programmatic market growth drivers in our country. Firstly, the video proves to be the format that pulls the sector and currently is already worth more than 20% of the total, this leads advertisers to invest not only in performance but also in the actions of branding perspective. Other driver emerged is the growth of Private Market Place: we are moving from the open market at an automated buying and selling of spaces leading publishers on the one hand to a lower resistance in making available their inventory and other advertisers to have greater confidence in the program the automatic campaigns. Last fundamental fact is the progressive increase in the amount of space sold: Programmatic today is no longer a way to monetize unsold but the premium inventory.

In light of all this, it remains important to point out that the Programmatic is not only helpful to large advertisers who have grasped the potential, but also to SMEs, which may find it a useful source to optimize their investments.

Investments in Programmatic are placed in a high-performance perspective in terms of results and optimization, on the other hand we must not overlook the fact that, as a "novelty " of the market, are hidden several critical issues.

First of all the multi-device measurement that does not allow the obtaining of a uniquely given to a user as the same person could connect more than once to the same page and do it from different devices (PC, Tablet and Smartphone).

Another critical problem is the presence of blocking at the user side that do not allow the advertiser to reach the entire basin to target users.

The next challenges on which you are measuring the different players in the industry is the ability to track with a unique ID a single user connecting to multiple devices in order to create a profiling more thrust and more faithful to reality. Not to mention that the rate of decay of cookies is increasingly reducing the evolution of technology broswer.

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