Programmatic ADV Why?

  • The Programmatic ADV is an advertising method for the purchase and sale of advertising spaces in an automated way based on the target data.

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Programmatic Advertising is a way of purchasing advertising spaces, where data, targets and automation systems allow targeted and effective advertising for marketers, publishers and users themselves. The world of Programmatic has found its initial development fabric in the web and video field and has now established itself and extended to other more traditional media. However, defining Programmatic only as a mere advertising platform to facilitate the meeting between publishers and advertisers is totally wrong and reductive.

Going deep to the digital topic, the process is set up through user monitoring systems such as cookies and pixels, special platforms that collect the information that users leave on the web, and then rework them and organize them based on the prototype of the typical customer, or specific audiences for interests, behaviors and habits, to maximize results.

The starting point of the Programmatic ADV is primarily in the method and quality of the data collected on users. Thanks to monitoring systems, it is possible to follow them in their personal customer journey by analyzing all the touch point to get the advertising message and the call to action to the right place, at the right time.

How can you make sure that the right messages appear at the right time, in the right place? Before the advent of Programmatic, the advertising spaces were made available by publishers and/or dealerships to potential customers, based on the type of content present and the average editorial target.

With the advent of Programmatic, the optimization of campaigns takes place through algorithms and automated systems that help to convey the most suitable campaigns to the target. All this happens in real time, every time a page, a site, an app, a video are loaded. The transmission of advertising campaigns in Programmatic can take place in different ways, depending on how the data is considered.


When working with keywords of interest, therefore selecting only the positioning of the spaces that contain them, we speak of Contextual Keyword, therefore working to make advertising appear only on sites where certain specific terms and words appear.

When we divide sites and pages into specific interest categories we speak of Category Targeting, which allows a cataloging of sites for specific interests, looking for those that best meet the target based on the content and topics covered..

Looking instead at a target similar to the public who usually meets the site of a brand, we speak of campaigns for Similar Audience, where we try to reach new users who behave similarly to the known audience.

Finally, we talk about Affinity Audience, when the campaigns work on data collected by third parties similar to the public known by the brand and profiling it for various parameters of socio-demographic interest.

The world of Programmatic Advertising is therefore vast and varied, both in terms of purchase and in the forms of realization. There are several partners involved and all must be aimed at working with a view to transparency, to continue to demonstrate the efficiency and effectiveness of this innovative advertising method.

With the correct planning and organization of campaigns and thanks to the knowledge of the working platforms now active, excellent results can be achieved. E-Business Consulting is a company certified in Programmatic Advertising and can help the client in the realization of campaigns for business development.

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05/04/2020 E-Business Consulting