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  • E-Business Consulting is certified company in Programmatic Advertising

In a changing market, one of the most growing digital trend in recent years it is certainly the programmatic advertising.

Programmatic advertising means a technological process that offers the opportunity to acquire and sell online advertising space based on your favourite target audience.

So this is a digital process based primarily on the acquisition of data from cookies and pixels, they are monitoring systems that allow you to locate the target user / client by recording its type action.

The Programmatic also allows the sharing of demand and supply through the use of specific platforms. For more details on types of services and the offers planning mode of E-Business Consulting, click here.

E-Business Consulting active in the digital market since 2003, it has always been a company ready to experience all new digital communication technologies alongside a development of internal expertise in training projects to the industry and customers.

As part of the development of internal skills E-Business Consulting expanded from 6 annual Google certifications, also Adform Programmatic Certification Exam that testify the quality and ability to manage communication campaigns in this particular digital mode.

Adform Programmatic Exam aims to analyze in detail the operational aspects related to the setting, planning, management and monitoring of a programmatic campaign with a view to performance.

Instead of training in the industry toward remind you that from 2015 the publishing project is active where to download free, in convenient eBook format, the detailed guides to digital communication tools. Recently it has been inserted the guide “Guide to Programmatic Advertising: Advertising Automated” for detailing and explaining the opportunities offered by this advertising mode.

E-Business Consulting, a company operating since 2003 within the digital advertising, is able to support advertisers in the development and planning of Programmatic Advertising campaigns. Call us for a free consultation and to share with us your operational needs.

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02/04/2021 E-Business Consulting