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Prize Contests Organization

  • During 2010 there was a hardening of procedures for monitoring and control of Contests in Italy by the Ministry of Economic Development damaging the organizing companies defending the rights of Italian citizens.

During 2010 there was a hardening of procedures for monitoring and control of Contests in Italy by the Ministry of Economic Development damaging the organizing companies defending the rights of Italian citizens.

We consider correct this more attention, despite the existence of an Italian bureaucratic procedure does not match with the standard process in other industrialized nations, or at least in the European Community.

On July 26 2010 was also published in the Official Gazette the Decree of July 5 2010 which inserts additional regulatory changes, communication of prize contests to the Ministry of Economic Development, providing further confusion on the matter and issues of operating and to the procedure to use. 

Even the same fines, for any errors or assumed in the paperwork loading of the documentary holdings, increased from 2.500,00  Euro to 50.000,00 an increase of 2,00%.

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