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Privacy: Work in Progress

  • The Event “New Concepts of Privacy” will take place on 20th April in Milan, focusing on the development of personal data handling.

The Web is a space made by users where they operate more and more. The user presence online, through eCommerce, Newsletter and Social Network, necessarily imply the recording of personal data. The development of the Web means that companies that manage these data, politics and lawmakers, have to pay more attention to the legal framework of the online data.

The European Commission is working to totally reform the Regulation of Privacy, producing a single rule valid for all the UE countries and for any extra CEE country that will plan communication activities where the legislation will be in force. In the same time, Italian Gouvernement “Monti”, is thinking to upgrade the actual 196/2003 decree about Privacy, explaining more clearly some critical issues related to data processing of legal persons and maintaining valid rights already granted to individuals.

The reforms will be applied in the next future and will involve all activities leading with the online data management now suffering of a disordered confusing legal administration. As a consequence, the way to use the Web will change for users and for companies  dealing with Online Communication and Advertising. Companies are in fact, the first actors who must adapt themselves to the new regulations, changing, if necessary, its policy of use of data and  for the acquisition of new registered users.

All these themes will be analysed on 20th April during the event “New Concepts of Privacy, 196/2003, Monti’s Decree and European Regulation”, promoted by Reed Eventi. During the day, different speakers caming from different professional backgrounds dealing with the use of personal data, will alternate on the stage: an agency, a Research Institute and a legal practice. Below is the full program of the event:

10.00 Registration and welcome coffee

10.30 The application of Legislative Decree 196/2003 and the new Monti’s Decrees: what evolution  awaits us?

Stefano Masiero, E-Business Consulting

11.30 Facebook Fans, LinkedIn contacts, Twitter Followers, Google + circles: how to properly manage the data of users of social media

Luca Bolognini, Italian Privacy Institute

13.00 Lunch

14.00 The proposal of a single European regulation for privacy and the Obama’s "Privacy Bill of Rights": towards new concepts of data protection

Lucia Ruffatti, Legal Practice Deloitte

16.00 Debate: what will change in data processing, in the near future?