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Performance Marketing and programmatic Adv

  • As the programmatic is the new frontier of marketing performance

The programmatic advertising was facing only five years in the world of online advertising but it is already an industry that pays several billion dollars: in fact, as revealed in a recent IAB Seminar: "The new programmatic leverage the Advertising, the investments in video-only amounted to 38 billion in 2015 ". In light of this important set of data we understand what it is and why it is a technology, which, although born recently, could revolutionize the world of online marketing.

Appropriately planned creative campaigns have a greater impact if delivered at the right target and in the appropriate manner. In this context we can define programmatic automation of the 'digital advertising management processes, basically the ability to buy or sell digital advertising both in terms of cost optimization that the audience involvement.

Many times the term RTB (Real Time Bidding) is mistakenly associated the term programmatic, which refers instead to a possible variation of programmatic, or one in which the impressions, that is, the exposure or publication of the advertisement, is made possible in according to an auction that takes place in real time and that once "won" it allows ad immediately appear in the inventory you want. The real transformation brought by the programmatic resides, then, first of all in the possibility of interpreting the data collected from the systems and make new marketing opportunities based on audience planning thus allowing the targeting of the profiles.

As well as many platforms including those relating to the programmatic are based on cookies and pixels, monitoring systems that allow primarily to identify the user and record the action within the advertiser's site. This makes us understand how digital strategies can be channeled to a selected audience on the basis of characteristics, behaviors and interests expressed in the navigation path. The new opportunity is to be able to use in the most profitable data obtained whether a given affordable owner or a third party on the market in order to target advertising campaigns.

One of the most important uses of the programmatic point of view of performance is the activation of custom user retargeting campaigns through the use of proprietary traffic data. Leveraging this data the dynamics of targetizazzione are manifold because linked to the level of involvement and user interaction. If we take the case of an e-shop for example we can address retargeting campaigns aimed at those who have shown interest in a product or has abandoned the cart before concluding a purchase by invoking the memory of the product / service visited and inviting the user to ' action proposing targeted offers.

Factor turns out to be just as innovative and efficient post on campaign data analysis programmatic because it allows to identify at which points is the advertiser's audience and therefore which sites users browse intercepted at remarketing. The considerations made up to now help us to understand how the ability to use the data is essential for optimizing the scheduling choices and define the programmatic as a digital performance marketing channel.

It is clear that, to succeed through technology to determine families of users with similar navigation behavior, compared to an action within our site, allows you to expose an advertisement in a targeted manner by increasing the success rate.

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