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Performance Marketing

  • A few simple rules to optimize your online advertising campaigns performances

The Italian companies trend is to adopt online advertising strategies based on results. Digital communication agencies comply with this trend proposing new solutions to bring visibility, traffic, and most of all performance in terms of conversions.

But how much content and form influence what companies promote to make a successful performance campaign? Definitely very much. Ninja Academy drafted 7 Simple Rules to plan a good Performance Marketing strategy, according with activities that any Digital Agency  offer to their clients.

A first aspect to consider is to understand what matters to your customers. In this sense, the metrics to be considered are, on the one hand the preparation of an editorial plan for posts and articles, on the other hand, careful social media listening to directly monitor the reactions of fans and interact with them.

The aspects to consider to activate an online communication campaigns are the following: identification of a clear Call-to-Action for ads that allow to increase the CTR (Click-Through Rate) and implementation of Landing Pages where it is easy to reach the goal in order to increase the conversion rate.

One of the media which better maximize the performance is Email Marketing. With different combinations of objects, graphics, call-to-action and tone of the message, you can test and identify the elements that allow you to maximize results. The Email Marketing, like any other online communication campaigns, is just one of the sources of traffic you can measure.  Analyze traffic sources is useful to understand which media is performing the best and establish a more accurate investment strategy. Performance monitoring have to be always considered in terms of temporal progress, comparing the results obtained at different times or for particular marketing actions.

The Ninja rules therefore suggest careful monitoring, a lot of experimentation in the production of content and adequate tools for web analysis in order to create a fair approach to performance advertising campaigns and achieve the desired ROI. E-Business Consulting, a web agency specializing in Digital Marketing can assist companies to develop the most appropriate performance marketing strategy based on the above terms. From the creation of graphic advertising and landing pages, to the planning of advertisements, E-Business Consulting plans for their clients Email Marketing campaigns, Display Advertising, ads on search engines to bring traffic from all major digital communication channels and measure the performance achieved with appropriate tools web analysis and campaign progress report.