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  • One of the big issues on email marketing is the depreciation by 25% due to irrelevant leads.

One of the big issues on Email Marketing is the depreciation by 25% due to irrelevant leads.

To handle this problem, it is crucial to pick out email addresses to be scrubbed from email marketing lists, such as:

  • Duplicate and invalid addresses, which could be decuplicated and verified by the CRM used;
  • Unsubscribers, who must be cancelled as it is required by the law;
  • Contacts who didn’t opt in, who could decrease sender reputation, email deliverability, and open and click through rates;
  • Alias email addresses, which are critical because not all of the email addresses associated with the alias have opted-in to receive communications;
  • Bouncing Email Addresses, which could be permanent (hard-bounced) or temporary (soft-bounced). It is important to remove contacts bouncing for permanent reasons, instead soft-bounced could be continuously monitored to see if the bounce rate is stable or increases;
  • Disengaged Email Recipients, who stopped opening or clicking through emails sent, could be part of a re-engagement campaign that asks them for feedback and gives them the opportunity to change their opt-in settings. If they continue not to give a feedback, it is suggested to remove them from the list, before being marked as SPAM and consequently being damaged in sender reputation;
  • Old email contacts that appear to be ‘abandoned’, entering them in a re-engagement campaign. As stated before, if they continue not to give you a feedback it is the time to cancel their profile.

So, how to keep email list clean?

Here some instructions:

  1. Provide Clear Unsubscribe Instructions in the footer of every email. Use straightforward anchor text and make the process easy and fast in the landing page;
  2. Let subscribers edit their email settings. This option could be offered in the footer, clicking  through to unsubscribe. Alternatives could include the frequency of email send and the topics about which they can be emailed. This can save from unsubscribing;
  3. Only acquire email subscribers openly. Use significant content, optimized landing pages to generate leads and use double opt-in to keep sender reputation safe;
  4. Send a welcome email to all new subscribers, as part of your double opt-in process, asking them a subscription confirmation;
  5. Send re-engagement emails when subscribers stop opening and clicking through emails, to understand what topics are most interesting to them;
  6. Use deep segmentation, that ensures the content is sent out only to the most relevant emails.

All this process contributes to keep a database clean, that is fundamental to send the most relevant content to the right contacts and to perform better.

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