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Online Viewability

  • Advertising spending is affected by an increasing companies’ attention to an efficient allocation of communication budget.

Due to the economic scenario, that makes companies more risk averse, and the more and more advanced monitoring techniques, operators are increasingly willing to invest in campaigns that lead to a ROI optimization. In this context there is an increasing propensity for the native advertising that, inserting advertisements in portals moving them as if they were part of the content itself, they don’t interrupt the user navigation but they attract their attention.

It isn’t sufficient that the advertisement is placed inside a well-defined context but also the target goal must be displayed: here is therefore the concept of viewability that, thanks to the advanced tracking technology of today, it ensures that the user is seeing the advertisement for a defined period of time that it can changes and it depending on the system used and advertiser’s needs.

Each user will also have a preset number of daily views for not to be subjected to the advertising message for large part of times, it being understood that today the user is connected to the Internet from more devices that the tracking system used will hardly be able to identify with accuracy.

This trend does not exclude display campaigns. There is a greater attention to the correspondence between the goal audience and the audience reached by the campaign. Is necessary to not waste impressions with potentially not interested users. There are three different figures willing to optimize the communication results.

Buyers, that want to get useful impressions from their target audience; communication agencies, always looking for success communication campaigns to achieve clients’ goals; and last but not least, publishers that want to offer valuable inventory to their buyers.

To respond to the different operators’ needs, comScore made a research to individuate the main indicators of campaigns’ effectiveness. Anyway, it’s impossible to have an absolute benchmark suitable for all the communication initiatives, because there are many variables affecting them. For example, brand awareness, geographical targeting, placements involved, etc. …

According to the study by comScore, in Europe more than 50% of impressions are not recorded by the target of interest. In Italy the rate of impressions in target amounts to 48%, not bad if we consider the fact that the highest value is recorded in Germany and amounts to 52%.

Despite data seem to define a difficult situation, we have to consider that there are a bunch of variables influencing it. Above everything, the specificity of targets campaigns’. For example, if a company wants to contact users defined by various socio-demographic variables (eg. sex, age, geographical criteria, interests … ) will be more difficult to intercept them.

What emerges is the need of a continuous collaboration between companies and agencies, with maximum transparency about the  accessibility of corporate objectives. Communication agencies should try to achieve not only clients’ budget but even their trust, working with integrity and professionalism. Agencies have to put at the center of their efforts the needs of their clients and have to get in touch with them to achieve, with an efficient and effective communication plan, their goals.

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