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  • Started from a few days the contest of Moretto Abbigliamento of Treviso

The prospect of a win has always made competitions attractive in the eyes of the consumer, allowing companies sponsor to record high rates of adherence to these initiatives. The companies then, according to the positive feedback, they are always keen to their activation.

This year also the company Moretto Abbigliamento of Treviso has decided to give the start of a competition with prizes. The leadership for management/organization of the same is in the hands of E-Business Consulting, web agency of Padova, member of Iab, with over 10 years of experience in the field.

Moretto Abbigliamento was born in 1869 and is active within the retail trade, with headquarter in the town of Cessalto in the Treviso area. The company is a point of reference not only for the local client, for the sale of clothing (man, woman and child) and home furnishing of the leading brand of high range.

On 15 October is started the competition "Vinci con Moretto" initialled by E-Business Consulting, which dealt with the start-up phase of bureaucratic and of the embodiment, both from a graphic point of view and technical, of the supports necessary for delivery of the same (postcards competitions, mini site dedicated). Main objective of the sponsoring company, Moretto Abbigliamento, is to provide additional impetus to the commercial performance of the point of sale in the period pre-Christmas season, thereby providing a prize linked to the initiative for their customers. The mechanism at the basis of the project is very simple but attractive, by leveraging a final prize very appealing from the point of view emotional: a Fiat 500 Lounge. Customers of the shop, as a result of an expense at the point of sale of a predetermined amount, will receive a postcard showing a unique code to play inside the mini site that was made in support of the initiative ( After the enrollment the client will participate in the final extraction that reject the lucky winner of the final award.

The mechanism, by providing the registration to a portal with the release of contact data, allows the promoter to activate a process of lead generation useful to integrate the database of existing contacts.

In support of the competition there is a communication plan that integrated the use of media such as radio, advertising in store and social media. E-Business Consulting, deals with the management/activation of events at a premium, is constantly active in the field and the search for new solutions to their customers.