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  • Assist agency has carried out a research in order to understand the behavior of Internet users on the PC, smartphone and / or tablet related to online advertising

Assist agency has carried out a research in November 2013. Were interviewed 20 people of different ages and interests all users of smartphone and / or tablet, as well as PC, in order to understand their attitude towards online advertising and more effective formats depending on the type of user.

Have been identified 5 types of user-defined "persona" each one representing goals and behaviors of real groups of users. For example, the "young digital native" prefers as advertising format the post of official pages on Facebook and appreciates the adv interactive and viral that stimulates the sharing and is annoyed by the introductory videos, except in those cases where there is a lot of relevance between the searched video and the video adv; the "forty-five prudent family man" prefers newsletters and claims not to be bothered by the introductory video of selected clips but does not understand the adv interactive and deemed too "hard" the interaction with an advertisement.

So an advertising format is effective if addressed to the correct target. The company that wants to have a return from an internet advertising campaign must have a clear target goal and plan with the corresponding advertising format.

E-Business Consulting provides support to companies who want to effectively reach their target audience. The starting point for structuring a communication project is the definition of a digital strategy which will be enabled by defining the media mix and constantly monitored in ROI direction.

E-Business Consulting S.r.l. is able to manage online advertising campaigns in order to increase the visibility of your brand or of your business. Our skills goes from Email Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Online Contests to Banner Campaigns and Google Adwords Campaigns.