Online Advertising Italy September 2015

  • Have been published data of FCP-Assointernet Observatory relating to sales of online advertising in Italy September 2015

Were detected by FCP-Assointernet Observatory the data on the turnover of online advertising in the month of September 2015 compared with the data recorded in September 2014.

The Web recorded a +2,5% compared to September 2014. Mobile instead is growing and in fact it recorded a +48,1% compared to 2014. Advertising on Tablet recorded a good level of growth with +72,2% compared to the last year. Investments on Smart TV / Console finally mark a positive sign by recording a +5,5%.

A total level then record for the month of September a loss, +4,6% and, as pointed out by Giorgio Galantis (President of FCP-Assointernet), it is a significant achievement especially because it refers to a month with a major impact on the total year. Furthermore, growth concerns all devices and in particular the cabinet reaches almost 50% of investment growth.

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