Online Advertising Italy June 2017

  • The FCP-Assointernet Observatory published data on online advertising revenues Italy June 2017

The FCP-Assointernet Observatory reported data on online advertising revenue in June 2017 compared with the data recorded in june 2017.

Whereas Web reports a negative value in the amount of -1.1% compared to June 2016, Mobile reports an increase of +38.4% compared to 2016. Tablet advertising revenues have increased by +1.3% as well as Smart TV / Console, where a positive sign of +266.6% can be observed compared to last year.

On a total level, for the month of June it’s observed with regard to online advertising investments, an upward trend.


Having experienced strong progress in May, the downturn in June comes from a comparison of the same month with the previous year, 2016.


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