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  • The FCP-Assointernet Observatory published data on online advertising revenues.

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The FCP-Assointernet Observatory reported data on online advertising revenue in January 2018 compared with the data recorded in january 2017.

On this subject, the month of January started off slowly, recording a drop in both advertising investments declined per device and on the use side compared to 2017.          

As regards the trend in advertising investments for devices, in January 2018 compared to the same investments in the same month of the previous year, there was -6.6% for tablets, +21.9% for smartphones, -40.1% for smart TVs and consoles. All for a total of -3.2%.

From the point of view of use, on the other hand, there is a -5.2% for the use of browsers and +56.6% for using apps. All for a total of -3.2%.     

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