Online Advertising Italy August 2011

  • On a monthly basis in August 2011 there was a total increase of 12,9% compared to 2010.

Data on Internet advertising revenues have been published for the period of January-August and compared to the same period of 2010. On a monthly basis in August 2011 there was a total  increase of +12,9% compared to 2010 .

In August 2011 two different types of observation are included in the panel; Display and Affiliate. The data of the two types was as follows: Display +15,9%; Affiliate +9,9%.

The Federation chaired by Carlo Poss noted that “Considering the fragile scenario of the financial crisis, affecting also Italy, we think it is sensational the double-digit growth internet is recording from the beginning of this year. Another important aspect to underline is that there wasn’t a decrease in this growth even in July and in August, usually reckoned to be months with low investment in advertising”.


DISPLAY= On page + off page + Video Adv + Mobile Advertising direct + Mobile advertising display + Newsletter/e-mail advertising + other types

AFFILIATE= Performance + Classified/Directories

The values represent the advertising revenues (aggregated by type of product) of the Dealers who declare their data at the Observatory FCP-Assointernet.

For the type Search the figure includes the estimated value by the Observatory FCP-Assointernet of Google revenues.

The Dealers who claim their data at the Observatory FCP-Assointernet are:

Advit; Arcus; Banzai; Buongiorno; ClassPubblicità; Dada; Ed. Condé Nast ; Finelco; Hearst; HI Media; Leonardo ADV; Libero SRL; Manzoni; Matrix; Mediamond; Microsoft MSN.IT; Publikompass; Publitalia; Rcs; Reed Business; SEAT; Sipra; Sky Pubblicità; Sipra; SPE; SPM; Sportnetwork; Tag Advertising; TGADV; Tiscali; WebAds; Websystem Il sole 24 Ore; Yahoo!Italia.

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