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Online Advertising 2015

  • According to data from the last annual survey conducted by Nielsen, it is estimated that the online advertising revenues in 2015 will exceed 2 billion Euro

Have been published the results of the Digital Survey conducted by Nielsen in charge of analyzing the advertising market in Italy. Based on these data it is estimated that in 2015 total advertising revenues on the web in Italy will reach 2,1 billion euro, equivalent to 26,5% of total investments. There will be an increase of 1,7% compared to 2014.

Let us analyze this data in more detail. As for the distribution of investments in the various web channels we see that the segment Display, and especially banners, reaches 31% and, if added to the Search segment that accounts for 34%, you get to more than 2/3 of the digital investment. These two values are, however, slightly lower when compared with the figures of 2014. In growth instead Video advertising that reaches 17% and the Social Media with 11%. Finally the channel Directory marks a slight decrease compared to 2014 to stand at 7%.

As for the growth in the value of investment relative to 2015 then we see that Video and Social record higher data with respectively +16% and +46%. Display and Search instead mark a smaller increase with +2% and +7%. The only segment in decline is Directory (-8%).

By analyzing the macro sectors shows that the Person companies on the internet make investments amounted to 39% of the budget, Consumer Goods instead amounted only to less than 10%. The sectors that hold shares higher than the average of the market are Distribution with 53% and Automotive 41%, in the first case, however, 70% of the budget is dedicated to investments on Display and Directory while for Automotive this share is reserved to Search and Video.

As pointed out by Alberto Dal Sasso (AIS Business Director of Nielsen) data show a predictable success of the social accompanied by a fee of about ¼ of investments dedicated to the mobile, about half of the companies surveyed also developed an app. Finally, we emphasize the high growth potential of programmatic buying.

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