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New Website E-Business Consulting

  • E-Business Consulting opens 2013 with a new website whose aim is to meet the sophisticated needs of the Internet user.

E-Business Consulting opens 2013 with a new website whose aim is to meet the sophisticated needs of the Internet user. The website of E-Business Consulting is created in Typo3, a CMS mainly spread abroad, which allows more freedom in creating the layout of the website and it is easier to browse for the final user.

The website is completely realized in HTML5, in order to display the web pages in different ways depending on the screens and the various devices used by online consumers such as PC, tablets and smartphone

In Italy, 56% of mobile customers has a smartphone (about 25 million people) and about 5% of them uses a tablet (2,5 million people) and the data is growing. From this state of the market and from its opportunities was born the desire to create a website in Responsive Web Design, a technique that ensures the best display of web pages in the different environments they appear and it also ensures that the user doesn’t have to scroll or resize the pages of the site.

The layout of the website is now more attractive and the content architecture is divided into four categories which represent the business areas of E-Business Consulting: Marketing, Advertising, CRM and Sales. In addition, the surfing paths have been optimized in order to give the user a simple and pleasant experience. A particular emphasis was given to the social component: the contents are now sharable and integrated with the major social networks used by the company such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Linkedin, in order to emphasize the centrality of the web user who can easily enjoy the latest news and in the same easy way he can share them on blogs and social networks.

The project of the new website merges together the spirit of renewal and the care of the mission and values that, since 2002, have made possible the affirmation of E-Business Consulting in the market of digital services. The company offers the best suited digital marketing tools for the business needs of any company by providing customized counsels thanks to the know-how and the skills acquired during the years.

The web agency is also specialized in the organization of online contest and in Lead Generation strategies whose aim is to create a database of users and companies that are available for all the clients who want to hit new target groups and increase their customer base. Thanks to the relationships with the leading publishers and providers in Italy, E-Business Consulting is able to offers a complete service which includes Email Marketing, Banner Campaigns, Mobile Strategies and Google Adwords, by confirming for 2013 its role of strong and dynamic communication agency: the perfect partner for the digital strategy management.