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New Internet Media

  • According to the “New Media & New Internet” research, the only media branch which not suffered a decrease in the last 7 years has been the internet one. If generally all media lost 1/5 of their value, the internet media improved their value reaching the 15% of the total value.

Particularly, it can be noticed that they play a leading role in the communication scenario. In the last two years Internet represented the second media in terms of advertising spending and  it’ll reach at the end of 2015 the 30% of total advertising value. The reason of this evolution is the continuous propagation of new devices that allows people to connect the internet. In 2015 the smartphone will reach 40 mio and the tablets 10 mio. Smart tv diffusion is growing too.

Communication tools are changing and evolving too; Social Networks are leading the scenario, they’re the most used instruments for online interaction by users; Applications are becoming, with browsers, more and more  an instrument to surf the web; Videos are the most powerful way to share contents and advertisements; Programmatic Advertising that is playing a leading role in companies’ advertising acquisition strategies.

The scenario points out an evolution of the communication tecniques availables by the companies, which have to be able to juxtapose to traditional communication tools (Es. Email, banner…) the new internet media. This because they reflect the changing of internet users’ habits. For example, the online videos audience in 2014 has been the 89% of all internet users. Even more significant the quota of Facebook users in 2014 has reached the 90%.

Once more, the digital is dynamic and the base for new struggle for the communication agencies. They have to be fast to catch development opportunities. They have to make companies understand the importance of using innovative tools to get the maximum audience reach possible and to get strategic advantage among their competitors.

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