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Multichannel Consumers

  • To be competitive in the markets, enterprises are now forced to daily define their communication strategies to reach their multi-channel consumers.

To be competitive in the markets, today's enterprises are forced to daily define their communication strategies to reach their objectives: multi-channel consumers.

It becomes essential to know the habits of consumers, as evidenced by the study of the “Osservatorio Multicanalità 2010: regular users of new media like the Internet, Social Networks and Mobile”.

Thanks to the evolution of technology and the increasing trust of the buyers in online purchasing processes, multichannel purchase processes involves about 23 million people including the two multichannel clusters “Open Minded” and “Reloaded” which show an increase of 1,3 million of users.

Among these clusters the Internet is considered the best way to learn and investigate topics of interest. It is no coincidence that among the most appreciated promotion initiatives by consumers, stand the Internet advertising tools: the company's website is the most popular type of online promotion, with a 50% approval, followed by targeted online advertising according to research keywords, and last an increasing interest in corporate blogs, newsletters and viral video advertising.

Finally, is almost ordinary to mention the growing appreciation on social networks, which have seen in these years, an explosion in the use among the Internet users.

In a organized scenario, where the multi-channel is becoming routine, companies have the possibility to leverage these trends to update their own way of interacting with consumers. Communicate with the right tools and in the right way is becoming critical in the company-consumers relationship. And at this precise point companies like E-Business Consulting, leader in online communications, enter the game with its experience and expertise helping to ensure a winning  connection  between the consumer and the companies!