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Mobile PC Users and in September 2016

  • Data on Internet users from PC and mobile available in September 2016

The only users that you are connected to the Internet at least once in the month of September 2016 are 29.5 million. Analyzing the dates for the average day, the total audience of 22.8 million and represented by users: about 20 million Italians will are connected by phone and 10.6 million Italians from pc.

As for the audience to have sailed at least once in an average day 40.3% of men (11 million) and 42.3% of women (11.8 million) and the age group Who Joined The most Internet use is Being That 35-54enni with a percentage of 61% (11.2 million).

As it regards the Internet for use by mobile average daily connecting the 47.9% of women and 42.4% of Men. Women continue to prefer sector use mobile internet to which the media devote a 2 hours and 10 minutes a day cons 1 hour and 42 minutes of the Men stand by.

As regards to the categories of sites and Applications Most Popular in the month, September is a 93.4% of Members consulted sites or research applications, 90.3% One Among the general portals and 87.3% social networks.

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