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Mobile Marketing in Italy 2011

  • In Italy smartphone use is spreading and Mobile Advertising grows by 50% in 2011, bringing market value to 56 million euro

In Italy 42,7% of the population has got a mobile phone and among them 20 million people use a smartphone (source comScore, November 2011). So, companies has started to catch this opportunity to intercept potential clients, developing apps, advertising on display and using sms.

2011 was the year of mobile advertising, with a growth by 50% and an investment of 56 million euros, about 5% of the digital advertising market. It can be said mobile sector could take 10% of total investments on internet advertising in the next future. These are some data presented at the conference “Mobile Marketing & Service: Finally an Acceleration” promoted by the Mobile Marketing & Service Observatory of the School of Management of Politecnico in Milan, held on 26th January 2012.

Following eMarketer finds, Google was the biggest player in the market of mobile advertising last year, with about 750 million dollar turnover, and Apple was the second player, with more than 90 million dollars. Display (in applications and mobile sites) and keyword advertising in the mobile sector register a three figures growth rate, dragged by Google and Ad-network, which for the first time overtake text messages (sms and mms). Text messages via mobile grew by 21% in 2011, confirming their role as a consolidated and privileged marketing tool for their capacity of geolocation, even if it is a static geolocation as the dynamic one is limited by privacy law.

Last year a boom of mobile applications was registered. Top 100 spender in advertising in Italy developed 133 applications, with an expansion trend of +129% compared to 2010. Among reasons for developing apps are their capacity to create engagement with the brand, to increase level of pre and post sales services, to generate leads, or just to promote a brand. App Store is again the first application store (with more than 70% of the market), while Android Market, even if grown in 2011, is not discussing App Store hegemony (only 18% of applications are downloadable from the Android Market).

Other elements has been presented at the Digital Communication Forum, held in Milan on 12th February 2012, during which it was highlighted mobile user is multitasking. In other words, consumers use mobile phones while they watch tv, or go shopping or do other activities. Also, 37% users log into social network from their mobile phones. To be noticed not only the social phenomenon, but also the gaming one, a new way to create engagement with consumer while entertaining them.

Finally, not to be underestimate the fact that purchases made through mobile SIM are spreading, so it can be assumed this could be at the centre of the customer experience in the future.

Thanks to smartphones diffusion, mobile marketing is becoming an essential strategy for business development, increasing sales volume and intercepting new clients.

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