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Mobile Marketing in 2010

  • In 2010 investments in Mobile Advertising grew by 15% compared to 2009, bringing market to a value of about 38 million euro.

The Mobile Marketing & Service Research Centre of the School of Management of Politecnico of Milan shows that in 2010 investments in Mobile Advertising by Italian companies grew by 15% compared to 2009, bringing market to a value of about 38 million euro.

This growth was driven by a rising spread of Smartphone, which now are 35% of mobile phones in Italy: an average 10% higher than in Europe and up 12% over 2009. The phone, increasingly perceived by consumers as a “Social Medium", leads to talk about  the paradigm of Mobile Internet: in fact, according to analysts as early as 2013 users that connect to the web on mobile will exceed  those that connect to PCs.

The mobile Surfer are mostly men (about 62%), with a greater presence in the South and Islands, between 25 and 44 years old (70% of surfers) and ranked according to frequency of navigation: the heavy user (53% connects almost every day), medium users (29% surfs from 2 days per week to 1 day per month), and occasional users (18% connects less than once a month). 

The new formats such as Applications (+200%), launched in many cases with a high promotional investment and often driven by a factor of "trendy", and the mobile site (+100%), information and devices especially for online booking, pushing the rates of market growth. 

But it is above the SMS tool that has been confirmed as the most widely used by companies and the benefits of which appear now evident in the eyes of italian marketers. Bulk SMS service, used by companies for promotional and communication initiatives for its own customers, in 2010 reaches 73 million euros, an increase of 17% over 2009. 

It should be stressed however that despite the positive trend of recent years, budget devoted to mobile initiatives is still a residual part of total investment in the Italian media (0,5% in 2010).

From a highly concentrated situation in past years where a few sectors (finance and insurance in the head) achieved nearly 70% of total investments in mobile initiatives, this year has seen a more mixed participation of various trades, with a strong growth  of investments made by companies in tourism (+300%) and retail (+20%). 

Particular attention was paid to the theme of the smartphones applications, highlighting how the Top 100 Italians spender in advertising, at least  41 have developed a branded mobile application, signing an increase of 176% over 2009.

In this context it becomes clear how any marketing strategy cannot fail to consider  the mobile no longer as a means of residual but as a real business to be valued within the wider multi-channel strategy to offer the consumer an experience of value-added brand.