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Mobile Marketing and Communication

  • With the rise among users of the use of smartphones and tablets even the access on the Web has changed with effects on the interaction between users and online communication campaigns.

The data that emerge from the research conducted by Cisco, point out that 60% of Generation Y compulsively check their phones to read emails and updates on Social Media. And the interaction takes place at any time and place: at the bar, at the restaurant, in the office or while shopping to compare the price of the shop with the one on the Web. Not surprisingly, 90% of Generation Y (that’s to say new generations who show a great familiarity with technology and communication) makes purchases online and 57% of them shares his email address in order to receive digital coupon and updates about sales and offers.

It is therefore important for companies to pay attention to the change of users’ actions: the everyday gesture becomes an important tool to reach potential customers.

In a context in which 1 out of 3 users of Generation Y prefers his smartphone than other devices and smartphones are considered twice popular than pc, it is essential to structure communications strategies  that have to be functional to new devices.

Web portals which are responsive to mobile browsing, graphics which is optimized for devices more evolved than the simple pc and more instant messages are the first items that have to be optimized in order to interact with the user. The same communication strategies need to be reviewed in order to be “mobile friendly” and compatible with all the devices. Among these, email marketing has not lost its primary role of communication strategy able to reach and catch the interest of old and new customers thanks to the possibility of connection to the web data given by new devices. It is therefore crucial during the planning of an Email Marketing Campaign to study a responsive graphics (both for communication and for the Landing Page) which allows a visualization and a browsing which can be activated by all the devices in order to ensure the best optimization of the results.

E-Business Consulting provides support to companies during the phases of study and planning of Mobile Marketing campaigns, paying attention to the compatibility of all the devices, designed in order to achieve commercial objectives.