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  • The "Engage Conference" took place on 25th October 2016 at Milan's IULM, mobile was the main topic.

A day to take stock of the situation on Mobile in Italy and beyond. To better understand how this business will evolve the starting point is data analysis.

Data from the Observatory of Milan Polytechnic shows that the dynamics of the Italian market of mobile advertising (data on the smartphone) in 2015 stood at € 462 million with an increase of 53% compared to 2014; for 2014, it is expected a positive closing of + 45/50% in the amount of Euro 670/680 million.

Currently the Mobile represents the 28% of the Internet advertising and it is made up of a text message component (2%), keywords (24%) and display (74%) of whom 15/20% programmatic and 80/85% direct.

In the light of this, what can we expect for 2017? As formats are concerned, the focus will be on vertical ads, video strategy and native adv; as far as data is concerned, geo-targeting, socio-demographic and geo-behavioral information will be the most meaningful to be collected. Eventually, the measurement should be cross-device and pay attention to the allocation patterns.

Another focus concerns the shift in the use of Internet from desktop to mobile as emerged from the data presented in the various speeches of the day. Indeed. between 2015 and 2016 the desktop accesses have dropped by 22%, differently accesses from multiplatform and only mobile increased by + 9% and + 20%, respectively.

Eventually, the composition of the time spent online: data available until August 2016 shows it reached 64% for the mobile component of whom the 90% is spent on apps (Facebook 30% and 28% WhatsApp).

Nowadays the most successful format is the video, its penetration of smartphones and smartphone audience reached 52% (France 32%, Germany 40%) in July 2016, this figure increased by 15, 8% compared to 2015.

That all alone indicates that smartphone is a media closely related to the individuals and that it is used to meet the user's needs in real time. Indeed, users make full use of their smartphones when they have to solve an issue. Brands must be ready in that moment. The potential is almost endless.

The smartphone becomes a link between the individual and the outside world with a huge spread and penetration in all age groups; companies must then create a motivation to make sure that you will be in contact with their brands also through the ability to target users at a given time to be able to show them the right message.

Formats should be adapted to new needs as well; therefore, they must focus on video but to be engaging and native at the same time.

Companies, which want to invest on this instrument, should then structure a tailored approach that can take advantage of the peculiarities of the medium itself. Doing mobile marketing means having multidisciplinary skills and be able to set up a multi-channel strategy.

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