Mobile Evolution in Italy

  • Italians are strong increasing internet connections from mobile. This means new opportunities for advertisers in Italy.

The portrait revealed by “The connected consumer study” conducted by TNS and Google, shows an Italian user in continuous connection with the Internet and with smartphones and tablets always at hand. The study, if compared to “Our Mobile Planet”, a research made last year by Ipsos MediaCT and Google, highlights the remarkable growth of the mobile device market: in 2011, the rate of smartphone penetration was 24%, in 2012 it was 28% and during the first quarter of 2013 arrives to 41%. From this point of view Italy is in line and also ahead of other European countries such as Germany and France where the percentage of smartphone users is respectively 40% and 42%. This data was collected on a sample of 1.000 individuals from 18 to 64 years.

The smartphone is a meaningful tool in people’s everyday life: in 2012, 47% of respondents said they have used it every day during the last seven days and 69% of them stated they don’t leave their home without their mobile device, a percentage that rises to 72% in 2013. But where smartphones are mainly used? 97% of respondents uses it at home, 86% of them uses it walking on the street and 82% at the bar. Then we can find places such as office, restaurant and public transports with percentages of 79%, 78% and 70%. The smartphone is used mainly for browsing the Internet (82%), to take pictures and video (79%) and to use apps (75%). 67% of users said they use it to check their emails while 66% uses smartphone for social networks, road routes and search engines. Smartphones play a role of such importance that in 2013, 31% of people said they would prefer to give up television rather than their smartphone.

According to the analyzed data, we can say that the smartphone should not be considered only as a device that allows users to make phone calls, to surf the Internet and to produce multimedia contents but it has to be considered as a tool which is now fully established in people’s everyday life and it has changed their behavior and their attitudes. In 2012, 47% of respondents affirmed to do web searches with their mobile device at least once a day: those who look for information on products (52%), those who use it to find restaurants, pubs or bars (32%) and those who use it for book a trip (30%) or to consult job offers (16%) and real estate deals (12%).

Advertisers can take advantage of a lot of opportunities in order to improve their visibility on the Web: the apps, used by 75% of respondents, become a space in which their ads can be published as well as video platforms which can show commercials before the movie that the user chooses to display. In fact, 76% of respondents uses their smartphones to watch audiovisual contents and 18% of them do this at least once a day. According to “Our Mobile Planet”, 56% of users seeks local information on their smartphones at least once a week and 22% does a search every day. According to the report of 2012, those who seek local information are more inclined than others to take action: 55% of respondents got in touch with the commercial activity, 61% visited the commercial activity (46% visited the Web site while 38% went directly into the physical store), 22% spoke to others about the commercial activity and 32% made a purchase.

Not only on the Web but also in the streets: smartphone can really help the promotion of your business whether online or offline. Thanks to Mobile Marketing Campaigns you can improve your visibility on the Internet thanks to the creation of ads for mobile search engines and mobile banner positioned within portals and apps while, on the other way, thanks to social networks and tools like Foursquare, Places and Maps you can reach users who are in the proximity of your store or of your restaurant. But be careful! 70% of respondents says that they expect that the display of the websites on mobile is equal to the one offered by the screen of their computers so it is necessary to make a mobile strategy with a particular care of the Responsive Web Design.

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02/04/2021 E-Business Consulting