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Mobile Era @IAB

  • IAB Italia presents the Mobile’s event where Mobile is not only a key like a element of communication in 2016 but also this is like a new frontier for e-commerce (or m-Commerce).

The 14 of April 2016 was held the first seminar of the year by IAB Italia whose focus was the Mobile Advertising, a sector with high potential growth.

This last statement is justified by the data recorded in the year 2015: 462 million euro and an increase of 53% over the previous year.

Often internet access by Smartphone or Tablet are confused by tying them to an aspect of mobility. In fact it changed the way of using the media by families. During the evening while they are at home and they are watching TV and at the same time they login from Smartphone or Tablet for example to comment or to talk with their friends.

According to a recent estimate to today is 2 and a half billion mobile devices owners and are about 5 billion people in 2020 will use the smartphone in the world. There isn't other technology that in the past has had a very rapid development like that. In Italy 59% of owners said they didn't manage to spend a whole day without their smartphone and 63% of the holders has always claimed to feel anxiety attack when there isn't the Internet connection.

As evidence of this centrality in everyday life, it can be said that most of the people is increasingly linked "individually" and "morbid" to their mobile devices with always-on access to one or more applications of their smartphone. For this reason we can talk about No Look Generation!

Thinking in terms of average day approximately 72.5% of the time spent online is derived from mobile devices through various websites or app, for example, instant messaging, online games and video. The smartphone is increasingly being employed for all that set of actions relating to the purchase of goods and services: 60% of users have in fact declared to consult your device in various stages of pre-purchase, 40% said consult directly in stores, 29% in the phase immediately following the purchase, and finally, 41% said they choose to buy the goods and services you want directly from Smartphone.

Altought, most of the "Mobile Surfer" said they used their phones for price comparisons (20%), to search for additional information about products or services (17%), for the shopping list (15%), use of different coupons on the digital market (12%) and for the use of loyalty cards (10%).

The Mobile Advertising strengths are manifold, among them we find the various opportunities for hyper-profiling, information on places frequented by users, their habits and interests. The important thing is to take different strategies and ad hoc desktop and mobile device side.

So what are the methods and the best strategies to adopt for the No Look Generation?

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