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  • Time spent on mobile application has been increasing, but users prefer big brands

In the current digital landscape the widespread availability of technological devices makes user experience with the virtual world increasingly dynamic and complex.

In fact, the massive spread and the diversification of digital platforms has changed the habits of users, who uses the Internet in a more and more piecemeal way depending on the location, time of day and editorial contents.

The first edition of the study 2016 Global Digital Future in Focus by comScore is a picture of evolving users’ behavior at the global level. Although the number of hours spent daily online from desktop has not suffered any negative changes, the use of smart devices is having a major impact on how audiences surf the Internet. More than 70% enjoys mobile digital contents; this data sees an increase of cross-platform and mobile-only users. Even in Italy the situation reflects the global trend:  nationally 64% of minutes spent on digital platforms is generated by smartphones.

The relationship between audience and mobile applications is of great importance: 90% of the total time spent on smartphones comes from mobile app. Among the favorite activities of app users is online shopping, although the proportion of desktop e-shoppers is greater, which is also confirmed in Italy where 9.3% makes app mobile purchases while 14.6 % chooses to purchase from a browser.

Less positive is the fact that to dominate the mobile app market are the largest brands and corporations, especially social networks and messaging apps such as Facebook and Whats App, Google Maps, Youtube and eCommerce the likes of Amazon and eBay. The limited interest of users to search and download new apps at least once a month represents a further obstacle for new app providers. In Italy for example, only 25% of users have downloaded a new APP over the past 30 days.

In other words, this means that apps are a great opportunity for online business activities, if you can grasp the most appropriate moment and implement a strategic plan which leads to app download, but the fundamental key is to provide winning content for mobile users according to the brand.

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26/11/2020 E-Business Consulting