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Mobile and Email Marketing to optimize CRM

  • The combined use of these strategies for the Real Time Consumer Experience

The special insert of the number of August of AdV – Strategie di Comunicazione is dedicated to the Real Time Customer Experience, a new concept that conceives the consumer at the center of the marketing strategies of advertisers. Today’s consumer is living a real time experience with the products and brands that surround him and thanks to the spread of mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, that allow him to get in touch with a single click, or rather a “tap” on the screen of the smartphone, with products, services and brand on the Internet.

Advanced techniques of CRM, Email Marketing and Mobile Marketing are becoming fundamental strategies in order to interact with consumers in real time. Emails, for examples, can reveal useful information about the user and, thanks to advanced tools of data mining and CRM, it is possible to build targeted consumer groups based on the online behavior of the users and on the types of emails that, once received, are opened or clicked.

Moreover, thanks to geo-localization allowed by mobile devices, you can reach potential customers near your business and intervene with specific advertisements within the app that the user has downloaded within his smartphone.

E-Business Consulting, agency leader in the business of digital communication, is able to integrate Email, CRM and Mobile in a unique tailored approach to each client according to the sector and to the target audience.

The following link shows the full interview made by Stefano Masiero, CEO of E-Business Consulting.