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  • With an increase of +129%, here are some reasons that explain why investing on Mobile Advertising

22,1 million users accessing the Internet via smartphone and 6,9 millions via tablet in Italy, 55% of them is careful about advertisements, promotions and offers on Mobile, 200 million euros of investments and an annual growth of 129%: these are the numbers of the Mobile revolution in Italy and they are enough to crown this advertising medium as undisputed king of 2013 ahead of TV which closed 2013 with a decrease of -10%, of radio (-9,3%), of press (-21,2%) and even ahead of Internet (-1,8%), according to the latest Nielsen data for the year 2013.

It is now obvious that companies, whether they are top spenders or SMEs, should invest where their potential customers go and the above information confirm that the migration on mobile devices is no longer to be considered as a breakthrough reserved to few pioneers but it involves the whole Italian population. But beware!

This does not mean that we have to abandon the traditional formats: 90% of the Internet advertising in fact, is still designed for the PC.

The optimal strategy should aim to diversify messages and formats for each platform and device used and here comes the need to integrate business strategies with a mobile responsive view: according to Marta Valsecchi, of the Osservatorio of the Politecnico of Milan, 21% of companies surveyed claim that they have found difficulties in finding professional figures able to manage the switch from the traditional advertising to the mobile one.

The necessity is not only the one to change medium and then to switch from PC to mobile but it is mainly the one to change the message which must be designed specifically for both traditional devices and both mobile devices: the realization of a landing page in mobile responsive design allows an optimal viewing on smartphone and tablet, but this is not enough.

It is also the offer, the message and the promotion that has to be changed for the needs of the mobile user: a request form that includes 20 data fields can be easily compiled from the PC but if the user is browsing from a smartphone it could become difficult.

Another important fact (source: Mobile Marketing and Services for online activites) shows that 29% of mobile users say that they use their smartphone in a point of sale often, 9% of the sample admit to do that always and the 33% of them uses the smartphone in the store sometimes.

How can the large retail chains react to this change? Gianmarco Molinari of Unieuro recommends the presence on all the platforms with specific promotions that encourage users to go to the store, by using digital coupons containing vouchers and promotions. In an increasingly tough and competitive market, mainly due to the entry of Amazon, it is important to attract the mobile user to the point of sale through ad hoc solutions; the customer loyalty can be created in a second time inside of the physical store where we can guarantee him expertise, technical support and warranty.

E-Business Consulting, active for years in the field of digital communication, is able to offer ad hoc solutions for Mobile Marketing campaigns.