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Mobile Advertising Italy

  • Analysis of data collected on the overall performance of the Mobile Advertising Digital Innovation according to observers of Politecnico di Milano – IAB Italy

Data collected by Del Politecnico di Milano observatories show us how to use the Smartphone in Italy is widespread so that the mobile advertising market recorded a rise of 53 % in 2015 while the growth was 48 % in 2014 .
The research shows that Italians do not use the Smartphone only for the Social Network and Entertaiment but use it for a good portion ( 3 of 4 ) to make purchasing decisions: over 60% of exploits in the pre - purchase or in the choice of the product and where to acquire, 40% inside the store and the remaining 29 % in the post-purchase phase.
As for the type of user 40% of Smartphone users turns out to be a Mobile Shopper, or purchases through mobile phone, so that the value of online sales from smartphones in 2015 covering 10% of the total Italian eCommerce.
As stated by Balocco Raffaele Scientific Coordinator of the Observatory B2C Mobile Strategy at Politecnico di Milano " The increasing use of smartphones by users requires companies to think ' mobile first ' and completely rethink the experience of interaction between company and user."
This is a fundamental fact which highlights the changes introduced by Mobile in the consumer - company relationship. Just think of the 22 million Italians between 18 and 74 years accessing the Internet from a mobile device, or about half of the target population and that over 70 % of the daily time spent surfing is performed by the mobile.
The exponential growth of Mobile Advertising Social Network is driven by the value of which, more than doubled, covering 60% of ad revenue in terms of the ads displayed on Smartphone in tandem with the ad hoc investments for Mobile in terms of multi schedules - platform.
As for the offer the market remains dominated by large international players who hold more than 80% of the volume with the ability to attract to itself large catchment areas and the ability to reach highly profiled users while on the demand of the major investors appear to be Mobile Content & App providers along with eCommerce and companies in the automotive.

In conclusion, 2015 can be considered the turning point where the approach of the medium-sized Italian companies towards Mobile has undergone a profound change: in fact, many companies have revised their strategies decisively Mobile and redesigned their websites in this light.

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