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Mobile Advertising

  • The Mobile Marketing becomes a crucial strategy for companies thanks to the distribution of new technological devices such as tablet and smartphone.

Mobile marketing becomes a crucial strategy for companies to contact new customers. This growth is due to the change from the use of media such as tablets and smartphones, devices that generate a strong involvement and high conversion rates.

The new research Nielsen analyze the behavior of smartphone and tablet owners in 4 different countries including Italy.

Smartphone and tablet owners in Italy, Germany and United Kingdom are more inclined to buy online through pc than Americans; in America, tablet owners are more motivated than smatphone’s owners to click on an ad by mobile. It’s very important also the diffusion of web application dedicated to shopping (with different penetration between tablets and smatphones).

Among the countries, in Italy device mobile users have more chance to click on a ad or to search about a product through their tablet or smartphone. Italian users connect in mobility: 25 million have a smartphone, 16 million log to internet,  over 6 million have a smartphone with Android or iOS system, 9 million download apps.

From the research, an important consideration can be deduced: for companies it’s very important including mobile advertising in their communication strategies to increase their business and to intercept potential clients.

In Italy, mobile advertising results effective on smartphone and tablet users and the ads impression on device mobiles is often connected to purchase or to information. Smartphone and tablet are a new tool for advertisers to communicate and connect with their users.

 Companies need to study and active useful strategies to achieve their goals.

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