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Media Fragmentation

  • How to convert media strategies to digital devices

On the basis of the last Nielsen studies, during the last three years, from 2013 to 2015, the growth of mobile users increased by 12% in Italy, meanwhile the usage of traditional media decreased. The major changes in the field of fruition are registered on Television, the media that traditionally conveys most of the advertising investments.

The total number of persons watching live Tv decreased, even if they spent a longer average time. On a demographic level, television lost appeal above all among youngsters, who prefer a “non-live” vision, thanks to the availability of Smart Tv and “on-demand” videos. In a context where users rapidly change their usage habits about the different devices, even the media plans have to conform to intercept the right target with the most performant media.

The addressability of advertising messages implies the complete adjustment about contents and formats, in order to adapt to the target audience and its most used communication media. Hand in hand with the evolution of digital and mobile media, also monitoring tools have developed more and more sophisticated technologies to track communication campaigns, to manage budget, to measure performances and get information about the behavior of the target audience.

The media fragmentation implies the opportunity to manage advertising budget toward a measurable and performing media mix.  As Nielsen reports, the digital advertising expense has grown for the 53%, while the Mobile spent for the 71%. This data is important to highlight how companies are fragmenting their budgets on different resources and media to intercept specific clusters.

The most important change on video advertising concerns the evolution from Tv spot to online video. On television run about 100 messages per day, with a frequency of 14 million users per second, however only 30% of spot results efficient and correctly remembered and associated with the brand. In the transition to digital market, opportunities to target the message to the most appropriate target result more and more refined, thanks to refined with tools increasingly precise and controllable instruments. However, there’s also a problem about contents to adapt the live Tv spot to the fruition on social or mobile devices. In fact, is important to catch the attention in the first five seconds, offer relatively short videos, but at the same time propose surprising and memorable contents to maintain the attention on the message, to generate virality and resonance.  

The need, for companies, to adapt their communication strategies towards a digital  and mobile-oriented vision, implies the use of specific competencies for the production of content and monitoring of initiatives. The role of agencies and specialized media centers, specialized in the digital ambit, allow to rely on partners who have technical and strategic skills to better address the advertising messages to the chosen target.

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