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  • Media: the trend of the last decade and the near future

The global economic crisis worsened in 2012, has affected significantly the advertising market involving all the media and sectors. It is inevitable to think that we are entering on a path of decline and no return; nevertheless, analyzing carefully the market situation, it is possible to see glimmers of light for the future.

True, over the past 10 years we have witnessed a significant contraction in advertising investment; but this was not due because of a lack of interest at the communication leverage by the part of companies. The reality, however, is that we are experiencing a massive change involving all market players: publishers / dealers, agencies / media agencies and advertisers / clients.

The use of the media has definitely changed due to a fragmentation of the offert with the presence of new media, such as digital TV / satellite, internet and mobile devices, ooh with digital signage and the cinema with 3D projections.

Advertising investments in the decade are virtually unchanged (considering the negative effect of inflation) meanwhile advertisers have increased significantly (16.000 in 2002 and 20.000 in 2012, excluding those that invest in adv search or social networks that are not within the database). In parallel, the GDP and private consumption, as well as companies of both the consumer and automotive markets, showed a negative trend.

For the actual year, 2013, the estimates are still pessimistic but it is possible to foresee several reasons to be optimistic:

  • Users spend a lot more time than in the past using the media. Indeed, the time spent watching television, Internet and mobile devices has significantly increased.
  • Nowadays consumers have much more leverage against companies thanks to social media and mobile. By this means companies are able to map the consumer and then figure out what are the trends and tastes of the consumers, identifying where, and how, to invest to avoid losses.
  • The media sector, despite the crisis, it still manages to generate interest and attract investors from abroad because growth prospects are more than attractive.

The media range offer is growing, primarily that of the digital (both internet that TV platforms), slowed in recent years due to the economic crisis; thus the market can only grow in the future, but the prerequisite for this is that the GDP and consumption will grow and realistically this might achieved starting from the 2014.

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