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  • The register of public opposition, another step towards a "polite" telemarketing

It is now almost three years after the activation of the Register of Public opposition but the number of subscribers continues unabated, indeed, the trend is growing well and sees today 1,200,000 signatures. Almost one-tenth of the total utilities found in telephone directories.

So it seems that users are less and less willing to accept aggressive marketing practices such as those put in place by some call center. If, in fact, until a few years ago companies could afford the luxury of quietly disturb the users at any time of the day, it is no longer possible. The limitation of this bad habit was a step that had to be done, even to adapt to EU directives in terms of privacy and communications.

Since its introduction, under constant monitoring of the Privacy Authority, notifications were 10,000. The same will be settled with penalties for over € 2.076.000. A blow to those who have made wild marketing its mission. If it is true that the purpose of business is to generate customers and be able to keep them in time, it is true that this goal can hardly be achieved regardless of respect for them.

Companies, large or small, must be able to implement communication campaigns that do not feel the customers, and prospects, trapped or slaves of their communication media. In this sense, the digital sphere is educating for years, thanks to the continuous activity and monitoring of the Privacy Authority. Trend we've noticed especially with the increasingly stringent regulations regarding, for example, the management of the database for Email Marketing Campaigns. Today it is finally possible communication that respects the real willingness of users to be contacted for promotional and advertising communications.

So here comes the need for a company to think and implement the Integrated Communication Plans, which balance the use of instruments in relation to their goals. A mix of appropriate tools allows you to have a better chance to reach the users of interest to the company, but without adopt too "stressful" practeces.

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