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In March 2011, three top CPG brands in US (Alberto Culver, Newell Rubbermaid and Clorox) participated in a panel webinar organized by Bazaarvoice to discuss how consumer insights drive sales, build brand trust, and enhance marketing initiatives.

The first result of this research is that consumers want to share and read reviews on everyday products, even in low-involvement categories. For example, Fresh Step cat litter by Clorox collected more than 12,000 reviews “almost overnight” and in the first 24 hours of Pine-Sol’s “Scent Away” contest more than 2,000 customers shared personal stories. Also, reviews drive important Key Performance Indicators, as it is found that consumers hearing other customers’ voice are more likely to click “Where to buy” and convert from site visitor to community member, to spend more time on the brand site and to view more pages per visit.

In a sea of CPG products with similar claims, when customers reinforce the message using their own experiences, brand credibility increases. In 2010, Rubbermaid created a pre-launch customer advocacy email campaign for its new product Nexxus ProMend, segmenting carefully their customer database (e.g. brand advocates who had requested samples and written reviews in the past). About 50% of recipients requested a free trial. The campaign gathered 30 reviews for each product in the system, with a 4.4 to 4.7 average star rating, all before the product was available in stores. Nexxus shared this content everywhere potential customers would have found it, from the store to online and print advertising, to relieve some shopper hesitation about trying new products.

Bazaarvoice research reveals that even if 75% of all CPG brands customer reviews are positive, displaying some negative ones among a lot of good evaluations makes good reviews seem more trustworthy. Not to be forgotten in this process, moderation is fundamental to protect the brand, without opening to content deemed inappropriate. In addition, negative reviews help shoppers to select the right product for their specific needs and, on the other hand, help companies to develop their products on what consumers have asked for.

CPG brands are also experimenting with Facebook as a channel to reach consumers, where they can tell a personal story that the brand can’t. Rubbermaid state that prior to syndication between the brand Facebook page and brand site, they had approximately 1,400 product reviews on the retailer website ecosystem. Post-syndication, the manufacturer now has close to 14,000 reviews in that ecosystem.

Finally, this research find that customers’ words enhance cross-channel marketing. Rubbermaid sees that areas including feedbacks on emails are clicked more often than areas without that content. Also, Rubbermaid uses in-store signage to encourage customers to read reviews via their mobile devices. By sending an SMS text message or scanning a special code, customers are taken to a Rubbermaid mobile site where they can read product reviews, view inspiring photos, and see how-to videos. Rubbermaid registers a 10% conversion lift for a free-standing insert that featured review content and a influence in-store purchases.

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