Lead Generation Free Webinar

  • Are you leveraging all channels for lead generation? Free webinar organized by E-Business Consulting on Wednesday 28 October.

Lead Generation Free Webinar

The new, fourth appointment made by E-Business Consulting will deepen the issue of lead generation, analyzing the various potential channels available today to increase your business.

From a technical point of view, lead generation includes all those activities that allow you to generate a list of users interested in a B2C or B2B product or service, to create business development opportunities in Italy and abroad.

With the advent of the digital revolution and the expansion of the touch points available to users in their customer journey, the opportunities and tools for engaging target consumers have taken off exponentially.

Email Marketing, Mobile Marketing, advertising on Google or on social networks such as Facebook, up to Programmatic Advertising, are all examples of potential engagement tools to reach people potentially interested in interacting with different products, services or directly with the brand.

Furthermore, we must not forget all the incentivized activities such as sweepstakes or prize operations, up to gamification activities using the element of the game to attract and engage potential customers.

On Wednesday 28 October, E-Business Consulting will deepen the world of lead generation by focusing attention on how to define an operational strategy, how to collect contacts, monitoring the results to exploit the most appropriate and profitable channels.

Take part in the E-Business Consulting lead generation webinar for free on Wednesday 28 October by clicking HERE.

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19/02/2021 E-Business Consulting