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Lead and cookie law

  • June 2, 2015 comes into force the Cookie Law: what effects on campaigns to performance?

Those who have already taken steps to adapt to the law about cookie so-called Cookie Law taking into account the expiry of the June 2, 2015, if properly implemented, will have already noticed a drastic reduction of the KPI by Google Analytics or other monitoring system used.

The crux of the problem is the correct set up of the monitoring systems used, depending on the features allowed or not within the website, in the absence of authorization to use by users to cookies.

Browsing the Internet, even in the major web portals and seeing the different solutions adopted to date, I have found a few customizations ad hoc services accessible or not according to the consent given by users to the use of cookies.

There is, therefore, a general request for authorization to cookies but in case of non-authorization of the user all services in the web portal are still accessible.

This solution "generalist" and not "personalized" results to date negative effects in all the activities of lead generation or digital performance marketing that companies, publishers, dealers or marketing agencies have implemented over time. Missing the datum.

The axiom has always been that in the internet you can monitor everything: today this digital law is no longer true!!

How then can I do to succeed on the one hand to respect the Cookie Law and at the same time continue to activate performance campaigns?

With a personalization of the services and web pages accessible to users according to the release or not of the consent or authorization of the cookie based on the goals of company performance.

For example, if the goal of the website is:

1. The request for quotation

2. A purchase from a site eCommerce

3. The login into a web page

4. Registration for a newsletter

5. A general information request

6. Other

In order to access these opportunities users should give permission to cookies. Otherwise I would lose all the basic information to enable, monitor and optimize digital performance campaigns.

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