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Internet is Mobile

  • Internet is the medium with the best results in 2013 thanks to mobile

Nielsen closing of 2013 analyzed data of audience, time spent and investments in television, internet (from PC) and mobile. Highlights some interesting aspects.

As regards the television can be seen that even if there is a slight decrease in terms of audience (-0,4%) we have a positive data regarding the time spent daily (+1,6%); investments instead have a significant decrease (-10%). Internet (pc) instead shows a negative sign in terms of audience (-3,4%), time spent (15,9%) and investment (-1,8%). Of note, however, this is due to a shift of the users audience to mobile devices. In fact, the Mobile marks a positive data regard to all three considered elements: audience (+10,6%), time spent (+11%) and investments (+5,9%).

By analyzing all the data on a global level, the internet proves to be the media who got the best results in a crisis scenario as the Italian one. The average total investment on the market is equal to -12%, while Internet amounted to a -1,8% (this is a Nielsen under estimated datum, as already shown in our previous news, which really amounted to a value probably 4 times higher).

One of the key factors for this success has been the phenomenon of e-commerce sales analyzed by the 2013 research on the mobile and multi-channel eCommerce carried out by the Centre of the Polytechnic of Milan that in the last 4 years has had a steady growth up to approximately 11.3 billion of 2013: 510 million euro of B2C eCommerce sales were made by Mobile and about 1 billion euros from Tablet. The most important sectors are tourism, clothing, computer / electronics, and the publishing industry.

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