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  • Advertising Investiment in Italy in 2015 split by sector

During the first day of the IAB Forum Marta Valsecchi, Director of the Internet Media Observatory at the School of Management in the Polytechnic of Milan, exposed what is the state of art of Internet Advertising in 2015.

This year Internet advertising investments have increased by 202 million euro, 180 of which invested by the “over the top” bringing the Internet Advertising market to fix around a value equal to 2,15 billion euro.

The investigations conducted by the Polytechnic of Milan deeply analyzed the phenomenon, and showed how different advertising formats have diverse weights on the 202 million total growth.

Banners represent the 29% of total investments, characterizing for a limited growth of 2%, attributable to the strong rise of Mobile. Videos weigh instead for 16% of the total advertising investments, with a double-digit growth (+19%), because nowadays they are used to pursue not only branding but performance marketing goals too, through the utilization of interactive video having lead generation as final purpose (for example: landing on the e-commerce site of a brand or form compilation). The evolution of this format is due to a demand requiring more and more premium contents and Mobile visualization (from smartphones and tablets).

However, the advertising formats that attract the majority of investments are the social networks, with an increase of 63% respect to 2014, and a value of 277 million euro. The great advantages of this kind of format are the ability to easily reach big audiences and stratify the target audience (data driven advertising); moreover, they are able to better monetize the Mobile channel.

Even the Search, through the acquisition of visibility on search engines, presents interesting growth rates (+5%) where investments, also in this case, are focused above all on Mobile. Instead, Classified and Email advertising formats are characterized by a situation of stability, presenting a value respectively of 171 and 25 million euro.

Therefore, of the overall 2,15 billion euro created in 2015 by Internet advertising investments, more than the half are attributable to social medias.

Even if the Mobile is the future where, according to recent studies, managers have to concentrate most of their investments to answer at demand requirements, in 2015 investments on PC still overpass the Mobile ones weighing respectively for 75% and 21%. A positive data is that, for what concerns Mobile, we look to a rise of 54% on investments respect to the previous year, that carry the Internet Mobile Advertising to a value of 452 million euro. Conversely the investments on Tablet Apps present a growth of 35%, equal to 74 million euro. The devices from which comes the biggest growth of investments are smartphones, weighing for 159 million euro on the overall total of 2,15 billion euro.

Summarizing: what have been (and what will be) the drivers of growth?

The drivers of growth that characterized 2015 were videos, prime market place and the quality of advertising spaces, pouring great part of the investments not only on performance marketing, but acting also in a branding optics. It appears as clear that the most important elements to keep in mind for an offer are: viewability, that is the ability to be seen by users, and data driven advertising.

Marketing is facing rapid and important changes. We are moving towards a more customized vision of communication, an one-to-one communication with consumers towards many channels and devices. Data driven marketing is essential in providing relevant solutions for customers, and represents the passage from segmentation to a real customization of campaigns, realized in real time. In this way we have the possibility to elaborate individual projects giving targeted solutions to our acquired customers.