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Internet in Italy 2013

  • Audiweb revealed the details of Internet audience in march 2013 in Italy

According to the summary data of Audiweb Trends, realized in collaboration with Doxa, regarding the use of the Internet in Italy during the first quarter of 2013, 68,2% of Italian families has the possibility to access the Internet from home via computer, television or games console. 71,6% of the connected households states to have a fast Internet connection (ADSL of optical fiber) and a flat subscription in 93,5% of cases.

37,8 million of Italian people connects to the Internet from any location and on any device and this data reach a percentage of 80,2% in the age range which goes from 11 to 74 years old. 38% of Italian people from 11 to 74 years accesses the Internet by mobile phone or smartphone (17,9 million people), while 7,8% of them has the possibility to connect the Internet via tablet (3,7% million people). Online connection is very widespread in Italy among all socio-demographic profiles even if the following profiles have higher rates of concentration: young people, graduates, university students, employees and teachers. Online for managers, executives and academics reaches a penetration rate of 100%.

More than a half of the population from 11 to 34 years connects to the Internet via smartphones and also in this case we can find higher usage rates for the most qualified profiles in terms of education and professional such as university students (68,6%), graduates (57,5%), entrepreneurs (65,1%), executives, managers and academics (59%). Audiweb Trends analyzes also the activities carried out by Italian people on a mobile device: 65,8% of them surf the Internet, 40,5% use their mobile phone to send and receive emails, 37,1% connects to Social Networks, 37% uses and downloads apps while 36,2% of users connected via smartphone uses it to surf through the search engines.

The advent of smartphones and their apps has certainly provided the opportunity to open up a new filed of investigation about the uses associated with this kind of technology. 6,6 million of Italian people have downloaded and used an app at least once in their lifetime and 76,8% of them states to use only free apps. In the last 30 days the most downloaded apps are games (59,5% of users), weather (47,1%), apps which allow users to chat on the Social Networks (45,3), maps (44,1%) and apps for the use and sharing of photos and images (39,5%).

Regarding the use of online video content, Audiweb Objects Video reported in the month of March 2013, 68 million stream views. The views on the average day in the month of March were 2,2 million and 829.000 users spent at least 10 minutes on average to watch the video. The data concern obviously the total number of users who have visited one of the sites of the publishers subscribed to the service.

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